Tram 28

The historical tram 28 rides through the streets of Lisbon; it is the most fascinating and fun transport to move around the Portuguese capital city!
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ram 28 represents one of the most famous attractions of Lisbon, although it is not a tourist tram. It belongs to the Carris public transport company, even if defining it as a mere public transport would be reductive. Moving aboard tram 28 feels more like riding a roller coaster; it feels like diving into the past and exploring the most hidden corners of the city. Or probably it is all these three things at the same time, just for the price of a bus ride!

The strident yellow and white coaches of tram 28 have become one of the symbols of Lisbon as well as one of the most popular postcard images of the capital city. Some coaches have kept the original interiors from the beginning of 1900; however, the glossy wood panels and the chromed finishes give an antique touch even to the newest carriages.

Jump aboard one of these vintage carriages and discover some of the most hidden corners of Lisbon.

Why taking tram 28

Some tourists consider a ride on tram 28 a romantic experience, while others see it as an exciting journey. However, everybody agrees on saying that it is an unforgettable thing to do.

Tram 28 will seduce you thanks to the several breathtaking views that you will enjoy during the ride. The Tagus river flowing towards the ocean, the roofs of Alfama, the elegant squares decorated with tiles, the doors and windows made of wrought iron are just some of the beautiful details that will pass by your eyes during your ride. Keep your camera handy!

Tram 28 won’t leave you speechless only because of its beauty. You will be surprised by the steep ups and downs; sometimes the tram passes through some streets that are so narrow that one could almost touch the people’s houses.

Tram 28 is by far a fun and interesting experience at the same time; you won’t mind sitting for 40 minutes on those unconfortable wood seats.

Tram 28 in front of the Cathedral

The route

The number 28 tram moves among the streets and alleys of the city, passing through historical districts like Baixa, Alfama, Barrio Alto and Graça. The two last stops are Largo Martim Moniz and Campo Ourique.

Most of the main attractions of Lisbon can be easily reached on foot from a Tram 28 stop. The Cemitério Dos Prazeres – which is still unknown to tourists but which deserves a visit – is located next to the last stop at cemetery Campo Ourique. Many important Portuguese characters are buried here.

During your ride you can also see some colorful street art.

Tips on taking tram 28

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