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Many people choose to move to Portugal to work or to retire thanks to the good weather conditions and the relaxed lifestyle of this country.
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Many people choose to move abroad and Portugal is a real top destination. Located in Western Europe, Portugal borders to the west and to the south with the Atlantic Ocean and to the north and the east with Spain.

Portugal extends for about 560km and it includes the two territories of the Azores and Madeira, which are located in the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is a parliamentary democracy with a president and a constitution. It has so much to offer and in the last few years it has experienced several migratory flows from all over Europe.

Moving to Portugal is not hard whether you are planning to move there to work, invest, or retire. It offers several benefits, including its affordable cost of living and its laid back and relaxed lifestyle.

Portuguese people are famous for their kindness and hospitality, therefore it is is easy to fall in love with this place.

Portugal is traditionally known because of its coast, however it offers many interesting inland areas. Portugal has a population of about 10 million people and a number of cultural interesting sites. Beautiful castles, architectonical, and archeological gems as well as beautiful cities.

Lisbon is charming and has a great nightlife, Porto is beautiful and it offers a good quality of life, but many people are fascinated also by the southern cities of the Algarve, especially those who love beach and summer vibes. Those who are looking for a calm and quiet lifestyle will find many suitable places.  

Moving to Lisbon

Most of the expats choose to move to Lisbon, which represents the commercial and cultural heart of Portugal characterised by its Manueline architecture and its cosmopolitan, fun, and active lifestyle.

Lisbon offers a sophisticated business scene as well as a rich cultural tradition and a lively community made of people coming from all over the western world. Not too far from the Roman ruins there are new and shiny industrial complexes. Recently, also the seafront area has been restored.

What Portugal offers

What does this country has to offer? A tranquil lifestyle, a pleasant weather, as well as warm yet not intrusive people. There are many reasons to choose to move to Portugal. One of the most inviting reasons is the weather which, compared to other European country, is warmer on winter and cooler on summer.

The numerous wanders scattered all over the country are a good reason to choose to move to Portugal; history and natural beauty melt together shaping a great example of Mediterranean traditions with a touch of Eastern influence.

The cost of life is pretty affordable; the official currency is euro.

Being part of the eurozone, moving to Portugal doesn’t require special permissions. European citizens won’t need a visa to live and work here.

Bureaucracy and healthcare

Europeans citizens moving to Portugal have the right to access to free healthcare, just like Portuguese citizens. You will be assigned a general practitioner at a local Centros de Saúde, that is to say a local clinic. To access to healthcare you need to have a Health Insurance Card and an ID document.


Pension is tax-free, that is why many retirees choose to move to Portugal as a destination for a serene old age.

Working and studying in Portugal

There are many opportunities for young people who want to work in Portugal, especially in the tourist industry. One can work as a tourist guide, a water sport instructor, or maybe work in the hospitality industry in bars, restaurants, or hotels.

There are several international schools for those who wish to learn Portuguese. Portugal offers a multicultural scene aiming at boosting integration, preserving its cultural identity and embracing the different cultures that have historically crossed its path.


Online Portuguese courses

Online Portuguese courses

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