When to go to Portugal

Tips on how to choose the best time of the year to plan a trip to Portugal, according to the seasons. There is a good destination 365 days of the year.
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Portugal can be considered the California of Europe; the weather is good all year long, and the difference of temperature between summer and winter is not very strong. The rainy season lasts only two months and the influx of the Gulf Stream allows mild winters and gentle summers.

Spring in Portugal

Portuguese spring is characterized by higher temperatures compared to the rest of Europe. Days get longer, and people spend more time outdoor.

June is famous for the several local festivals taking place all over the country: the most famous are the ones happening during the celebrations of Sao Antònio (12-13th of June), and Sao Joao (23-24th of June). These celebrations feature food and dances in the street.

Springtime is also a great season to visit the country; there are not as many tourists and it is possible to make the most out of the Portuguese cities. Night bars and clubs stay open untile late and the streets are full of people. If you are in Lisbon, enjoy the best of the nightlife of the Capital city around the Barrio Alto district.

Summer in Portugal

Summer is by far the best season to plan a beach holiday to Portugal. Summers are hot, windy, with long days and blue skies.

The beach destinations of the Algarve, the southern region of Portugal, are very popular among tourists from all over Europe. Even if it is considered high season, prices are still cheaper compared to other international beach destinations, making Portugal a good destination for those traveling on a budget.

The Troia peninsula is a great place where to spend a few days enjoying the beach and the sun. Instead of visiting Lisbon or Porto, which are very busy during summer months, this may be a better choice for families and couples.

Autumn in Portugal

Along with spring time, autumn is considered the best period to visit Portugal. Those who want to find a little bit of sun and sea but have a limited traveling budget, can explore the Algarve region in September or October. The rates and availability are more convenient compared to July and August.

Beaches are less crowded and you will have the opportunity to explore a more authentic and traditional Portugal. Autumn is also a great season to explore the Alentejo, the Portuguese region famous for its medieval towns, its countryside, and its wines.

Winter in Portugal

If you choose to travel to Portugal on winter time you will probably be lucky enough to have sunny days and spring temperatures rather than cold and rainy days.

The climate is temperated and winters tend to be colder only on the north side of Lisbon and inland, near the Serra de Estrela area. Visiting cities like Porto and Lisbon on winter time allows you to avoid traveling when there are too many tourists around and visiting the most popular attractions without crowds and chaos at more convenient fairs.

If you are traveling on Christmas time, do not forget to try the famous “crown” cake on the Epiphany’s day in memory of the arrival of the Magi.

During Christmas time Lisbon is full of lights, decorations, and traditional markets where to enjoy some Christmas shopping. The sky is always blue and there are no clouds.

If you want to enjoy the beach on winter time, you should consider traveling to Madeira. This time of the year corresponds to the high season on this island, which is very popular among Europeans who don’t want to suffer from the cold of continental winter temperatures.


During the month of february Carnival is celebrated all over Portugal. It is a very important celebration due to the strong connection with Brasil. Many celebrations and parades take place in Lisbon and in the Algarve region.


Events and festivals in Portugal

Events and festivals in Portugal

The most important festivals and celebrations that animate several Portuguese cities throughout the year.
Portugal weather

Portugal weather

With its mild temperatures, Portugal is a popular tourist destination all year long, especially during summer time.