Tours and activities in Algarve

On your holiday in the Algarve, you can't miss practicing activities with your partner or group of friends as well as a real tour around the region.
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The Algarve region is incredibly beautiful, offering many options for those who are looking for a beach holiday but also for some trekking and fun. The region is blessed with 300 days of sun all year long, and it has the perfect weather conditions that keep boosting the development of tourism.

Spring time arrives soon; summers are long and warm but still temperated by the breeze of the sea. Autumn is mild, and during winter time the sun never stops shining.

The perfect location for families, couples, and groups; it is highly recommended for those who are looking for some sun to avoid the winter, or for those who want to enjoy a break or a well deserved holiday.

Activities in the Algarve

From east to west the 200 kilometers coast will satisfy the needs of everyone, among dunes protected by rocky coves, small bays, vaste slopes of sand, and lagoons merging into the wild Atlantic Ocean.

This region is perfect for sea lovers, for those who want to enjoy some relax on the beach, and for water sports lovers. Many beaches offer the opportunity to rent surfing or kite equipments, as well as swimming gears such as flippers, mask, and diving equipment.

Many villages and resorts offer sport structures; from tennis and football fields to golf courses all the way to group activities like gokart nad paintball.

Bout tours in Algarve

Algarve Tour

Real travelers will enjoy an Algarve tour in order to discover more locations. We recommend a list of places that you should not miss during your holiday around this area of Portugal.

A good tour aims at exploring as many places as possible in order to see whatever this region has to offer. One could spend weeks or months exploring all the villages, the bays, and the beaches of the Algarve.


One of the most charming city of the Algarve is Lagos, therefore it needs to be part of your tour. In 1570, the young king Sebastião started a crusade against the moorish kingdom of Morocco from Lagos. Do not miss a visit to the typical fish market which offers a wide choice of fresh fish.

Sagres and Porches

A short trip to the west of Lagos will take you to Sagres. Admire the white walls of the medieval fortress. Beyond the gateway theres is a desolated cliff and from here you can admire the wild beaches and the hard work of the local fishermen.

Continuing towards the west, most of the coast was declared national park; here nature remained untouched and beautiful.

Porches is the capital of the production of ceramics. One of the best workshops to visit is the one of Olaria Pequena, located on the main road. Here one can purchase vases, chandeliers, house numbers, and of course cups and dishes.


Faro Cathedral

On your Algarve Tour you can’t miss a visit to Faro, the administrative center of the region. Most of visitors fly to Faro but don’t spend enough time to visit it, as they prefere to arrive to their hotel as soon as possible. Go to Largo da Sé (the cathedral square), a real urban clearing. Here, just like many other cities of the region, you will see well a series of well manicured orange trees.


Not too far there is a lovely town named Tavira. The Roman bridge is a great place to start exploring the area. Tavira is famous for being home to the highest number of churches of Portugal. It is also known for the odd construction of its ancient buildings, where each room in the house has a separate roof.

These peculiar structures are known as Telhados em tesoura – scissor roofs – because of the criss-cross effect seen from above.


Silves Caslte

Is the old Arab capital of the Algarve; from here you can admire the majestic bastions of the castle and its charming cultural fusion. From the castle all the roads lead to the market by the river, the perfect place to enjoy some shopping.


During your Algarve tour, do not miss a visit to one of the several monasteries around the area, like the one of Batalha.

The Batalha Monastery, also known as the Monastery of Saint Mary of the Victory, is located in Batalha. It is a great example of Gothic architecture decorated by stone ornaments, pinnacles, arch, and balustrades. There is also the opportunity to spend the night inside the monastery.


Lastly, why not combing a beach holiday with a tour around Andalusia? Faro is just a few kilometers away from the Spanish border and there are numerous and efficient connections.

For instance, you could land in Faro and depart from Sevilla or the other way round, in order to combine some relax on the beach with the visit of one of the best regions of Europe.