Events and festivals in Portugal

The most important festivals and celebrations that animate several Portuguese cities throughout the year.
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In Portugal popular festivals are very much celebrated by local people.

There are different types of celebrations, and some of them can paralize the whole city where the festival is celebrated:

Visiting Portuguese cities during one of these celebrations means assisting to the utmost popular expression, which merges the sacre with the profane, as well as pagan traditions with religious processions.

Cities get full of people and events for days, with dance, colors, and streets covered with flowers. A real pleasure for the eyes and photography lovers!

Semana Santa in Braga

During Easter time, celebrations in Braga last for a whole week: the streets of the city are ornate with decorations that recall the celebration and with passos, that is to say street altar. A real jubilation of flowers and lights.

Around the city there are the Farricocos, mysterious barefoot men wearing tunics and hoodies; peculiar characters of the Portuguese religion tradition.

Queima das Fitas in Coimbra

May is the time of the ribbon burning, a centuries-old traditional students festivity celebrated in Coimbra, one of the oldest university cities in Europe. During this celebration, different ribbons symbolizing different faculties are burnt in public.

Parades, dances, and serenades fill the streets of the city in a explosive collective celebration.

Madeira Flower Festival

In May Madeira celebrates the Flower Festival: streets are covered with flowers and clocks decorated with flowers in order to shape a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Festas de Lisboa

During Saint Anthony, the patron of Lisbon, the city celebrates for days and days until June 12nd, which culminates with a popular parade along Avenida da Liberdade, and on June 13rd it is time to celebrate with a procession to honor the Saint. According to the legend, this tradition helps women finding a husband.

The whole city celebrates and the streets are filled with people. It is a very popular celebration in Lisbon. Every neighborhood organizes collective dinners and celebrations; the areas of the Castle, Mouraria, Graça, Alfama, Ajuda and Bairro Alto get animated by music and popular dances.

Wherever you go you will find colorful balloons and wreaths; the air is filled with the scent of roasted sardines and with the sound of popular songs. It is a celebration that you can’t miss.

We remind you that during summer months there are different kinds of shows, like jazz and contemporary music shows, fado concerts, movie and theater representations, and art shows.

Feira de Porto

Celebrations take place on June 24th and 25th in the city of the wine; popular dances, fireworks on Rio Douro, and a typical menu is waiting for you for two days of pure fun.

Festas Sanjoaninas

In the Azores, during the month of June this very old festival is celebrated. Do not miss the opening procession and the queen parade.

One of the most important moments of the manifestation is the Feria Taurina das Sanjoaninas, which involves corridas and touradas à corda e largadas, and bull racings in the street.

São Mateus Fair

In the heart of the medieval Viseu a celebration full of music, folklore, handicraft, gastronomy, and lots of animation takes place from the beginning of August until the beginning of September.