Online travel guide about Portugal

The ultimate Portugal online guide filled with tips on how to independently organize your trip to Portugal, Madeira, and the Azores.

Portugal is a country of strong traditions and proud and nostalgic people, capable of charming famous writers and directors like Lord Byron, Wim Wenders and Antonio Tabucchi, as well as an increasing number of tourists.

Romantic cities like Lisbon, Porto and Sintra seduce visitors with their beauty and their atmosphere, while the moving notes of fado, the traditional Portuguese music, touches the memory and the heart of whomever listen to it.

The sea is a great protagonist of every holiday to Portugal; the main beach destination is the Algarve, but do not despise the inland regions which are also very interesting to visit. They are an endless source of attractions among castles, medieval towns, religious hikes, natural parks, vineyards, and wine cellars.

There is a young side of Portugal full of energy and desire to make things happen. This country is a paradise of surfers, of lively nightlife, colourful graffitis scattered all over Lisbon, and numerous outdoor music festivals.