Nightlife in Lisbon

Versatile and eclectic, vibrant and energetic, the nightlife in Lisbon meets everyone's needs. It starts after 11pm and it ends in the morning.
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Fancy wine bars, traditional and cozy bars, chill out terraces and exclusive lounges, trendy clubs open until dawn, and outdoor live music: in Lisbon there are plenty of opportunities to have fun.

Don’t be fooled by the strong attachment of Portuguese people to traditions: Lisbon is a young and energetic city. Since the Nineties it has been establishing its role of a modern and avant-guard European capital city, turning into a “must-visit” destination for whomever wants to have some fun.

ightlife in Lisbon has nothing on the nightlife of other European capitals; it is versatile and eclectic, it starts late and it ends when the sun is already up in the sky offering so many options for people of all ages, budgets, and musical preferences.

Leave your hotel room and get ready to join all the events and clubs that keep the Portuguese capital city busy all night long. What happens in Lisbon stays in Lisbon!

Bar and club Areas

Bairro Alto

Barrio Alto is by far the first neighborhood of Lisbon that comes to mind when it is time to talk about nightlife. Its narrow streets are filled with bars that attract young people ranging from 20 to 35 years old.

Here you can find some very traditional clubs like Tasca Do Chico (a tavern performing fado shows), as well as fancy cocktail bars, metal pubs, disco bars, you name it! Most of these places are tiny little, but somehow they can fit an incredible number of thirsty customers. Don’t come here before 11pm as bars could still be empty. Starting from midnight bars and streets get crowded with people.

A more modern – yet tackier – version of Barrio Alto are the areas of Docas de Alcântara and Docas de Santo Amaro, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the 25 de Abril Bridge. This is the area of LX Factory, the hipster side of Lisbon with its 23000 square meters of bars. 

Cais do Sodré

After one (or more) drink at Barrio Alto it is time to move to Cais do Sodré and Avenida 24 de Julho, where there are several bars and clubs. Here you will find exclusive terraces, the biggest clubs of Lisbon as well as some small old school bars that survived the time of Salazar, considering that back in the days this was the only area of the city where people were allowed to have fun at night.

Within the last few years Lisbon has developed a lively gay scene, turning the Portuguese capital city into a very interesting destination for gay travelers. Besides bars at Barrio Alto, the LGBT community of Lisbon loves the areas of Príncipe Real and São Bento.

Music genres

Lisbon clubs offer a variety of music genres that meet all tastes. Live outdoor music events are more about rock or jazz, while clubs prefer playing electronic or dance music.

In Lisbon you can also find some of the best African clubs of Europe, some of which have Brazilian influences.

If you want something more traditional, like a fado show, head to Alfama and Barrio Alto.

Clubs and discos in Lisbon

A romantic city during the day, but when the sun sets Lisbon turns into an eclectic party queen; it is by far the right city to have fun until morning. It is a city full of energy and young people simply love going out and having fun at night, drinking with their friends and listening to some good music.

Within the last few years the nightlife scene in Lisbon has evolved and expanded so much that it has nothing on the trendiest cities of Europe like London, Paris, or Barcelona; Lisbon is by far one of the coolest destinations in Europe thanks to a huge number of clubs and discos.

Tiny disco bars, lounge terraces overlooking the river, big discos, trendy clubs, hipster bars, gay and lesbian bars; you name it. There are new bars continuously popping up feeding the wild nightlife of Lisbon. If you came here to have some fun, well you will surely find what you are looking for.

It is not easy to recommend the best bars and clubs of Lisbon, as there are so many scattered all over the city.

This is a useful list to start your night adventure… keep following your fun track!

According to the night and the time, expect long lines to access to the “coolest” clubs.

Discos hours and prices

Just like in Spain, the nightlife in Portugal starts very late. People leave their home at 11pm to spend a few hours having a drink with their friends and then going to dance. There is no point in getting to a club before 2am, it will surely be empty.

Don’t worry though, the night in Lisbon is long enough to have fun! Clubs and discos usually close around 6am while others stay open until 8am.

The best time to go clubbing is on the weekend, however the city starts getting busy from Thursday night.

Prices change from club to club, and usually on Fridays and Saturday the admission may be more expensive compared to the other days of the week. Prices may range from 5 to 20 euro.

Discos in Lisbon: some alternatives

If dance, electronic, and house music are not your cup of tea but if you still want to spend the night out, you will be happy to know that Lisbon has a very lively rock-indie scene with concerts and festivals. From small, local groups to great and international artists: there is plenty of live music in Lisbon.

Some clubs organize specific music nights. And do not forget that Lisbon is the best European city where to listen to afro music.

If you think that it can be too much, then look for a jazz bar where you can listen to some quality music while having a drink. Lisbon knows how to meet everyone’s needs.

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