Lisboa Card

Free transport and entrance to the main Lisbon attractions for 24, 48, or 72 hours and many other benefits: the Lisboa Card is a very smart purchase!

Forget about your wallet while using the Lisboa Card, the tourist card of Lisbon that allows you to travel for free on public transports and have discounted or free entrance to the most important tourist attractions of the city.

Tourist passes are the best solution for whomever wants to visit many museums, monuments, and use public transports to move around the city. The sum of every single ticket can increase your holiday budget, but the Lisboa Card allows you to keep it under control without having to give up on visiting your favorite museums!

Another great benefit of purchasing the Lisboa Card is avoiding the waiting line at famous attractions. Save time and money to take the most out of your trip to Lisbon!

Why buying the Lisboa Card

There are two main benefits of purchasing the Lisboa card: saving on the price of entrance tickets and skipping the waiting line at the most popular attractions.

The Lisboa Card allows you to:

Along with the tourist pass you will receive a guide with the list of all the attractions included in the card as well as a map of Lisbon.

Buying the Lisbon Card online

By purchasing the card online you will be able to pick it up at the airport and use it straight away on public transports to the center.

Attractions included in the Lisboa Card

The attractions included in the Lisboa Card are not just museums and monuments, but also some of the best shows, tours, and services available in Lisbon. The most famous attractions are included in the card, as well as smaller museums or attractions that are less popular but that are still worth a visit.

Free museums and monuments

Here are some examples of attractions where you can access for free by using the Lisboa Card:

Discounted attractions and activities

There are several discounted attractions and activities included in the Lisboa Card, these are just a few examples;

How does the Lisboa Card work

The Lisboa Card can be purchased online before starting your journey and it can be activated once in Lisbon. How? It is very easy, you will just need to bring your voucher and an ID card to one of the many official pick up offices.

One of the places where you can pick up the Lisboa Card is the tourist information office located at Lisbon Airport: this is by far the most convenient solution, as you will start using the card from the very beginning. And yes, buses to and from the airport are included in the card!

Once activated, the Lisbon Card can be used for a period of 24, 48, or 72 hours according to the plan you have purchased.

Was your holiday postponed? No worries, you haven’t lost your card. The Lisbon Card is valid for a year after the date of purchase and it is activated upon pick up.

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