Tours and activities in Porto

There are many tours and activities to join in Porto among food tasting and visits to the main attractions of the city and its surroundings!
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Porto offers so many attractions to visit and things to do. Whether you are looking for an alternative way to explore the city center or for a specific activity to join, the Portuguese city knows how to meet the needs of every traveler.

Many of the activities to do in Porto are related to the production of the famous Porto wine. Explore the historic and charming city of Porto by following the tips of the locals or by joining a specific tour.

There are different types of tours in Porto, like riding hop-on-hop-off buses, which stop by the main city attractions.

By purchasing a ticket, you can hop on and hop off the bus as many times as you want during their operation hours. You can choose between one day tickets or two or more days tickets. Some itineraries include stops near the sea town of Matosinhos as well as Vila Nova de Gaia.

How to save money with the Porto Card

Porto Card is the tourist card valid from 24 to 72 hours. It is a very interesting alternative for those who want to fully explore the city; the card allows free rides on public transports, free entrance to 11 museums, and a visit to a wine cellar, along with discounts to 170 attractions and shops.

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Guided visits in Porto

It is easy to join a guided tour at one of the main city attractions. Exploring the city with a private guide allows you to discover and learn about some details and peculiarities that you would never notice by yourself.

Guided tours often include private transfers from an attraction to another, or from your accommodation to the place of interest, making your transfers even easier. Local guides and agencies offer several prearranged tours, but if you have a special request you can ask for a customised tour!

Tasting Tour

There are different types of food and wine tours that include a stops at some of the most renewed bars and restaurants of the city. During the tour, a guide will tell you more about the history of the meal you are about to eat, including some curios and fun facts about its preparation.

Walking Tour

The old center of Porto is not particularly big and it is easy to walk around; in order to learn more about the history of Porto, why not strolling around its streets? Maybe by joining a walking tour.

There are different types of tours; in order to walk through all the main attractions it will take at least 4 hours, but please consider that the city is made of a series of ups and downs and sometimes it can be pretty challenging.

On your walking tours around Porto you can’t miss a stop by Dom Luis I Bridge, the Cathedral, as well as the banks of the Douro river, where all the major wine cellars are located. On an evening walking tour you may stop for dinner at a Porto traditional restaurant performing Fado shows.

Segway or biking Tour

If you are looking for an alternative to the more challenging Porto walking tours, you can join a segway tours lead by a very professional and caring guide. Two wheels lovers can join a bike tour; there are several agencies offering this type of tour.

In both cases, tours are organised in the morning or in the afternoon. Itineraries include the main city attractions. Walking tours usually include a limited number of participants; about 6 people in order for participants to receive enough attention.

Day trips from Porto

Porto is a city capable of stealing your heart; however, if you feel like discovering its beautiful surroundings there is nothing better than joining an organised tour to discover some of the most charming places of Portugal.

Visit the Douro Valley wineries

Porto is located not too far from the Douro Valley, a famous wine region. The valley can be visited on a day trip from Porto and it is the perfect destination to visit one of the several cellars and wineries located around the area.

Wineries tours include wine tasting and happy hour. The Vinho Verde Region is also famous for the production of the famous Portuguese “green” wine.

Tours include a trip along the Vinho Verde Route, stopping by the main wineries and the most traditional villages.

Douro river cruises

The Douro Valley offers some of the most beautiful landscapes of Northern Portugal. The slow flow of the river passes through the valley and on the hills there are several terracing areas where the grapes are grown. This is valley where some of the best wines of the region are produced.

The best way to enjoy the beauty of the valley is by joining a relaxing cruise on the Douro river. These cruises usually are one way only, therefore once you get off you may need to catch a bus or a train to get back.

There are several Douro cruises tours which change according to the services included in the offer. It is also possible to explore the Douro valley along with one of the wine tours we have mentioned above.


Coimbra is the main university city of Portugal. It is a city strongly connected to history and traditions; still today, university students wear the traditional black uniform.

At first sight Coimbra looks too far from Porto, however the efficient system of public transports allow you to reach it in less than one hour. The Alfa Commute Train connects the two cities.

Coimba is also a great place where to make a stop if you are traveling to Porto from Lisbon.


Fatima is one of the most important catholic religious sites. The main stop on a pilgrimage to Fatima is a visit to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary, where the three shepherds Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta witnessed the vision of the Holy Mary.

The tombs of the three children are located inside the majestic Sanctuary. In order to make your experience even more unique, you can join a mess at the Basilica, near the Sanctuary.

A visit to Fatima can be combined to a day trip to Coimbra.

How to save on transport and entrance fees

City Card allow you to save on public transport and / or on the entrances to the main tourist attractions.

Porto Card with Transportation (1, 2, 3 or 4 Days)
Porto Card with Transportation (1, 2, 3 or 4 Days)
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