Royal Treasury Museum

The Museum of the Royal Treasury in Lisbon houses jewelry, precious stones, goldsmith items, and objects that once belonged to Portuguese royal families.

The Lisbon Museum of the Royal Treasury (Museu do Tesouro Real) is located at the west wing of the Ajuda National Palace and houses the jewelry that once belonged to the Crown of Portugal. The recently opened museum has been permanently opened to display to the public over a thousand pieces of jewelry , precious stones, goldsmithing items, coins, and objects of civil and religious art that once belonged to the Portuguese court.

The enormous value of the items here meant that one of the largest vaults in the world was built, as well as a truly state-of-the-art security system. Among the most valuable items kept here is definitely the prestigious emerald headdress of Dona Mariana, Portuguese princess daughter of Maria I of Portugal and Peter III.

What to see at the Royal Treasure Museum

The Royal Treasure Museum in Lisbon has been divided inside into 11 sections that hold objects and artifacts of different provenance and workmanship. The first section, called Brazil’s Gold and Diamonds, recalls the years when Portugal pursued gold and diamond mining in Brazilian territories, while the second section is reserved for the display of Crown coins and medals.

The third section presents the Palácio da Ajuda’s jewelry collection and is composed of pieces of different origins that were used by the monarchs. The“Crown Jewels” group, in fact, was owned by the state but the usufruct was intended for the reigning monarchs. These items were for the use of monarchs until the establishment of the Republic in 1910. Also on display here are several pieces of jewelry that were the private property of monarchs and members of the Portuguese royal family between the 17th and 20th centuries.

Continuing on is the fourth section that is reserved for the Orders of Honor, while the fifth is devoted to the royal insignia that played a crucial role during the coronation ceremony of the new monarch. Here one can admire the objects of power of the Portuguese kings such as the crown, scepter, mantle, or log. The visit continues with sections six and seven, which hold gilded and richly crafted silver civilian objects and the former Private Collections of King Fernando II (1816-1885) and his son Luís I (1838-1889). The eighth section is devoted to Diplomatic gifts, while the ninth holds a selection of liturgical instruments and garments.

Section ten deals with the theme of the “royal table” with the table ordered by King José I to goldsmith François-Thomas Germain in June 1756. This stands as one of the most sumptuous tables of the 18th century. The last section is devoted to the Royal Treasury and boasts an extraordinary collection of state objects, jewelry, textiles, and items that were used for solemn ceremonies.

Opening hours and tickets for the Royal Treasury Museum

The Royal Treasure Museum is open daily with the following hours:

The cost of tickets to access the Museum is as follows:

How to get to the Royal Treasure Museum

The Royal Treasure Museum can be conveniently reached by public transportation. Specifically by:

Useful information


Calçada da Ajuda, 1300-012 Lisboa, Portugal


TEL: +351 21 116 3425


    Open every day from 10:00 am  to  5:00 pm

Where is located

The Museum of the Royal Treasury of Lisbon is located at the west wing of the Ajuda National Palace, not too far from the Jardim Botânico d'Ajuda, 2 km from the Belem neighborhood.

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