Marquis of Pombal Square

Dedicated to the protagonist of Lisbon's rebirth, Marquis de Pombal Square has an important historical significance and will take you straight to the city center

The large, circular-shaped Marquês de Pombal Square (Praça Marquês de Pombal in Portuguese) has an important historical significance for Lisbon and Portugal and is a hub for city traffic.

Many tourists cross it daily because in the surroundings of the square are located many hotels that can be a good choice for those who want to move comfortably by subway. But even those who do not sleep in the surroundings can drop by here to see the place where the Portuguese Republic was proclaimed on October 5, 1910.

Around the square

Visiting the square won’t take you long, but you can stay in the area to pleasantly continue your day.

Next to the square is the Eduardo VII Park and Botanical Garden, where you can take a walk, lie in the sun, or grab a bite to eat. Be sure to visit this beautiful city park if you are in Lisbon between late May and mid-June, when it is enlivened by the colorful stalls of the historic Lisbon Book Fair.

From the square you can leave for a pleasant walk that in about half an hour will take you straight to Commerce Square passing through Rossio Square: in a single itinerary you will have seen three of the most important and elegant squares in downtown Lisbon.

Who was the Marquis of Pombal

Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, known as the Marquis of Pombal, is a key figure in Lisbon’s history. A brilliant statesman, he was “Minister of the Realm” to King Joseph I from 1750 to 1777.

After the devastating earthquake of 1755, he took matters into his own hands, effectively directing first the rescue work and then the reconstruction of the city, managing to restore Lisbon to its splendor in less than a year. Many of the important buildings that we admire today in Lisbon were built during his rule. He also promoted important political and economic reforms.

The Monument

The monument in the center of the square, inaugurated in 1934, depicts the Marquis of Pombal resting his hand on a lion, a symbol of power. He is looking out over the Baixa, the central district of Lisbon, which he ordered to be rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755 and which is now also called Baixa Pombalina.

The base of the monument is decorated with allegorical images that refer to the work of the Marquis in politics, education and agriculture, while the earthquake and the tidal wave that followed are remembered with stones and waves.

Useful information


Praça Marquês de Pombal, Lisboa, Portugal


Metro stops

  • Marques de Pombal (91 mt)
  • Picoas (598 mt)

Where is located Marquis of Pombal Square

Praça Marquês de Pombal is located between Avenida da Liberdade and Edward VII Park. You can easily reach it by subway: there is a blue line station right in the square.

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