Immersivus Gallery

The Immersivus Gallery allows all its visitors to enjoy a unique immersive experience through 360-degree video projection and light effects.

If you are looking for a truly special experience the Immersivus Gallery in Lisbon is the right place for you. Inside, visitors can enjoy true immersive experiences on historical and artistic themes thanks to the works of various artists from both Portugal and abroad. Located at the Mãe D’Água das Amoreiras reservoir, the Immersivus Gallery in Lisbon was born after the success of the one opened in Porto.

The site gives the opportunity to experience a combination of art, culture, current events and technology in an innovative way. The center’s spaces are transformed into a canvas where videos, works and 360-degree light shows are projected. Audiences can watch performances standing in the center of the space or from a special platform with seating that is suspended in the water.

Shows and activities

The shows that are screened deal with different themes and topics and change several times throughout the year. From history to art, from current events to writing at theImmersivus Gallery in Lisbon, it is possible to have a truly extraordinary experience.

The following shows are currently screened: Impressionist Monet and Klimt, where the lives and works of two great artists of the 20th century are discussed. A special focus is given to the work “The Kiss,” which the Austrian artist created also inspired by the Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna. Fans of ancient history can enjoy watching the show “Mysterious Egypt,” which deals with mysteries, riddles and secrets of the ancient kingdom of Egypt. From the discovery of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s treasure (1922), to the inscription on the Rosetta Stone, from the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II the Great (1279 B.C. and 1213 B.C.), to the enigma over the construction of the Pyramids of Giza: these are just some of the stops on the virtual journey.

Renaissance art lovers can watch “The Divine Michelangelo and The Genius Da Vinci,” where we delve into the lives of two important Italian masters and how their artistic legacy influenced art worldwide. Finally, there is a performance on “Frida – The Life of an Icon,” which addresses the life of Mexican painter Frida Khalo.

In addition to the performances at Immersivus Gallery, side activities such as immersive yoga sessions accompanied by 360-degree projections of key videos are also organized.

Tickets and admission times for Immersivus Gallery

The cost of tickets to attend the shows at Immersivus Gallery are:

Premium tickets are available at a cost of €15.00 that are reserved for seats on the floating platform. Show times at Immersivus Gallery vary depending on the theme of the show and length. Generally, shows are shown Wednesday through Sunday, from 2:30 to 8:00 pm.

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How to get to the Immersivus Gallery

The Immersivus Gallery is located outside Lisbon’s historic center but can be easily reached by public transportation. Specifically, nearby stops are:

Useful information


Praça das Amoreiras 10, 1250-020 Lisboa, Portugal


TEL: +351 910 658 479


Metro stops

  • Rato (217 mt)
  • Marques de Pombal (653 mt)

Bus stops

  • Rato (194 mt)
  • R. Custodio Vieira (309 mt)

Where is located

Immersivus Gallery is located at the Mãe D'Água das Amoreiras reservoir, about 7 km away from Belém Tower and Monastero dos Jeronimos, two of the city's main attractions.

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