Home to the most gluttonous festival of Portugal, Obidos is a charming medieval town located one hour away from Lisbon. Beautiful during the day, magic at night.
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How many women have ever received a town as a present? Very few, and one of them was Queen Isabel who received Obidos as a present from her husband King Dinis I.

It was probably the feminine touch of queen Izabel that turned Obidos into one of the most fascinating villages of Portugal; its romantic old town perched on the top of a hill with a medieval castle is a labyrinth of pebble streets and white houses with balconies adorned with flowers, colorful doors, and Manueline decorations.

Walking along the castle walls or strolling around the streets of the old town is always a charming experience, however if you want to add a touch of romanticism make sure to do it at sunset, when the village is almost empty and the sky turns pink.

What to see in Obidos


The main tourist attraction of Obidos are its town walls; wrongly believed to belong to the castle, these walls date back to the time of Moorish domination while the castle was built in the 12th century by order of King Dinis I.

Originally the castle was an austere structure, more similar to a fort rather than to a castle, featuring numerous towers and big gates. It started looking more like a castle in the 16th century when several Manueline details were added to the structure. Today the castle is one of the most luxurious hotels of Portugal.

Waling along the walls is very fascinating, and you have the possibility to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding countryside.


There are a few interesting churches that deserve a visit in Obidos, including:

Museo Municipal

The Municipal Museum of Obidos is located inside a 18th century building, not too far from the Igreja de Santa Maria. It exhibits a collection of paintings from different times, including the portrait of Josefa de Óbidos titled “Faustino das Neves”, characterized by a dramatic contrast of lights and shadows.

Obidos chocolate

Since more than 15 years, Obidos has been hosting the prestigious Chocolate Festival; the chocolate is also the unusual (and delicious) material used to make the cups to serve the ginjinha, the cherry liquor typical of Obidos.

Obidos day trip

Obidos is the perfect destination to visit during your tour around Portugal. If you are staying in Lisbon take a look at the following guided tours that include a visit to this medieval village.

Where to stay in Obidos

Instead of visiting Obidos on a day trip like most of tourists do, stay at least one night. When the sun goes down the atmosphere of this village is very suggestive with the illuminated castle walls and the streets empty from all the visitors. If you manage to wake up early in the morning you can visit the village before it gets too crowded with tourists.

Being a pretty small village, there is a good offer of hotels and accommodations in Obidos, although very few are budget hotels. If you are planning a low cost trip, then you should book in advance.

If you are happy to spend a little bit more money then you will have no problem finding a hotel.

Sleeping in a castle

The most exclusive hotel of Obidos is the Pousada Castelo de Obidos which, as you can tell by its name, is hosted inside the castle.

Experience sleeping in a medieval castle and dive into an atmosphere of other times. The staff of the hotel will be glad to meet all your needs, just as if you were a prince or a princess!

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Getting to Obidos

The most convenient way to reach Obidos is to rent a car; Lisbon airport is located just one hour drive from Obidos.

Reaching Obidos by public transports is a little bit more complicated. The train station is located outside the center and it takes about 15 minutes walk to reach the village. If you don’t want to walk you need to take a taxi.

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