Tourist guides call it the "Venice of Portugal", but Aveiro has its own personality. It is the moment to discover it.
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Still far from mass tourism, the charming Aveiro is a must-stop destination for whomever is traveling around north-central Portugal. It may not be as romantic as Lisbon, nor as proud as Porto, however Aveiro has its own personality and unique attractions throughout Portugal.

Settled between the sea and the lagoon (ria), crossed by canals that used to be sailed by colorful moliceiros – traditional tapered boats originally used to collect seaweeds and sargasso. Today moliceiros are the main tourist attraction of the city, offering exciting cruises on the river.

Another characteristic that attracts visitors to Aveiro are its elegant art nouveau buildings scattered all over the city, which play an important role both for the cultural identity of the town and for the local administration that organizes guided tours.

If you are passionate about contemporary architecture, take a walk around the modern university hub, which includes some buildings designed by some of the most famous Portuguese architects; a kind of open air museum exhibiting some of the most significative examples of contemporary national architecture.

Do not leave Aveiro without tasting the ovos moles, a typical sweet made with simple ingredients (eggs and sugar), which is sold inside barrel-shaped wooden packages.

Things to do in Aveiro

The typical houses of Aveiro

Some must see attractions for your Aveiro tour.

Museu de Aveiro

Do not miss the Museu de Aveiro housed inside the Convent of Jesus; a former convent from 1400 which was enlarged with a modern building that perfectly integrates with the original baroque structure.

The fame of the museum is connected to Princess Joana; daughter of the first king of Portugal, she retired and spent all her life in this convent despite her dad did not agree with her decision. The museum exhibits the tomb of the princess, who was beatified two centuries after her death.

The talha dourada inside the convent is really majestic; a wooden curved decoration covered with a gold.

Museu De Arte Nova

Another museum strictly connected to the identity of Aveiro is the Art Nouveau Museum, housed inside a very elegant art nouveau building and decorated with colorful tiles and wrought iron doors.

The museum will take you through the history of this artistic movement, from the beginning of 1900 to its arrival to the city of Aveiro, which gave birth to some extraordinary buildings around the city. If you are very passionate about this topic, join the tours organized by the city administration.

Fish market

The fish market is one of the most lively attractions of Aveiro and it is located in Praça do Peixe. Early in the morning fishermen come to sell to restaurant owners the fish they have caught during the night.

The fish market and the restaurants nearby are the best choice for those who want to try some local specialities, like steamed or fried eel.

Catedral de São Domingos

Founded in the XV century as part of a Dominican convent, the Aveiro Cathedral, or Church of St. Dominic, is an interesting church in Portuguese baroque style with some gothic elements. Pay attention to the doric columns, which are unusual for the style of that time.

Reserva Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto

Not too far from the city center, there is the São Jacinto, a natural oasis between the sea and the ocean. Thanks to a wood boardwalk it is possible to admire the beautiful landscape of the reserve without stepping on the beautiful dunes.

Day trip from Porto

It can be easily reachable by train, Aveiro is the perfect destination for a day trip from Porto. In a day you will be able to visit the city center, go on a river cruise, and maybe also enjoy a walk on the beach.

Aveiro’s beaches

The city of Aveiro does not overlooks the ocean, therefore it doesn’t have urban beaches. However, it is located near the sea and it offers the opportunity to combine cultural visits with some relax on the beach.

The best beaches near Aveiro are the ones of Costa Nova, famous for its colorful stripped houses, and Praia de Barra, where you can admire the tallest lighthouse of Portugal. These beaches are located just 10 km from the city center, and on summer time they can be reached by direct bus.

Where to stay in Aveiro

The city of Aveiro is still far from mass tourism flows, therefore it is pretty easy to find good and well priced accommodations.

There is a good choice of hotels in Aveiro as well as hostels. There is also a good offer of apartments and rooms for rent.

For a quick visit we recommend to book a hotel in the city center. If you want to enjoy some time on the beach, then you should choose a facility near the sea.

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Getting to Aveiro

Aveiro is located 75 km from Porto, in the north of Portugal, a city connected to the rest of Europe with direct low cost flights. From São Bento Station, in the center of Porto, it is possible to reach Aveiro in about one hour and fifteen minutes. From Coimbra it takes only half an hour. Some trains from Lisbon to Porto stop in Aveiro.

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