Top Portuguese Tours


Portugal is a country of a stunning historical heritage. Numerous ancient cathedrals, palaces and towers, beautiful beaches and mild ocean climate make this country very attractive to tourists from all over the world. As the country has too many tourist attractions it is hard to find the best spots as the time of vacation is usually limited.

That is why Portuguese tourist agencies present various sightseeing tours around the country where each can find the best place for their vacation.

One of the most popular cities in Portugal is Lisbon. The city is often called the “heaven city” as it has everything for a real rest. Abundance of historical monuments, numerous parks with little fountains, narrow streets, museums are attracting more than 5 million people each year to this city. It is also known as the city of cable cars as the it is standing on the hills. Lisbon is not only a fabulous place to visit but a great start of exploring the country. It is a city from where most of the journeys start, hence you can order a tour to any part of the country from Lisbon.

After exploring Lisbon one can order a 2-5 days tour to the most famous vine city – Porto. Just as the capital city it has many interesting historical places. Porto is the city that has a soul. Local people try to preserve its historical heritage in order to save the important outlook of the city. While in the city, it is a must to go to one of the local restaurants. Luxury or budget it will surely impress you with its delicious portuguese cuisine and absolutely fabulous vines.

Approximately in 1000 km from Lisbon there is a magnificent island Madeira. It's one of top places to go. The island of eternal spring is a heavenly made place for a honeymoon or a simple vacation. One can reach it by plane from Lisbon within 2 hours. The archipelago has unbelievably charming nature. Here one can try fresh fruit, lay on the beach with a crystal clear water; enjoy local parties, accompanied by energetic Portuguese music. Madeira is believed to be the oldest island in Europe. Evergreen trees, warm sun, uncounted quantity of flowers and modern conveniences make Madeira a must visit place in Portugal.

After you explored the historical places in the country it would be perfect to finish your vacation somewhere where you can simply relax and enjoy doing nothing. This place is called Algarve. Wonderful nature and miles of golden beaches will surely make you fall in love with this place. It is a combination of history, nature and interesting places. Here one can enjoy mild climate, storm parties or sightsee around the island. It is only Algarve that will take most of your time in Portugal if you like exotic nature. It simply has it all: wild nature, fashionable resorts, cognitive museums and all kinds of entertainment. Most of the tours to Algarve go from Lisbon and Porto but you can also order a special tour only to Algarve.