Top 10 Things To Do in Portugal

The allurement of Portugal goes without saying, especially considering a favorable climate and unique ocean coasts. Despite small sizes of the country there are plenty things to see and to do. A big variety of sport activities, an enormous quantity of sightseeing places and lots of Portuguese cuisine exquisites draw attention of the tourists from both the European continent and overseas.

Bellow is just a small list of the things to do in Portugal. It will help you to get to know the country and its people better.

  1. Go surfing! 
    The Sea coasts of Portugal are a true paradise for surfers. It is a set of European service, waves of different height and lots of surfing spots, which is why Portugal magnetically pulls in the fans of surfing. The best period to surf is a late winter and spring, when waves are 2 meters high (in some places they also reach the point of 4,57 meters). The entire Portuguese seacoast, both west and south, is divided into 7 surfing regions: Norte Porto, Beira, Peniche (the best one), Lisbon, Algarve and Alentejo. Besides Peniche, the most visited are Baleal and Ferrel.
  2. Degust Portuguese wines!
    This country is a world-known wine producer. Regardless it cannot compete with Spain or France, but still it is a Motherland of Madeira wines and port. The history of wine-making in this country has started in the 6th century BC, when The Phoenicians brought various bunches of grapes.  Wine tourism is full of routes, taking tourists to Porto (the biggest “winery” in Portugal), Douro valley with lots of grape plantations, Madeira with a wide range of desert wines and Minho, where Vinhos Verdes (green wines) are produced.
  3. Visit Azores archipelago!
    These islands managed to preserve natural environment in its primeval condition, which was highly estimated by the EU in 1995. Several endemic species found their habitat precisely on the Azores – Azorina flower and the Azores Bullfinch. Azure lakes, marvelous beaches, pineapple and passionfruit cocktails and a big variety of local cheeses are at tourist’s disposal while resting on the Azores Islands.
  4. Watch whales and dolphins!
    Coastal waters of Portugal is an area of whales and dolphins distribution, which is why going on a whale tour is one of the exquisites in Portuguese travel guides. Especially, it is referred to the island regions of the country (Pico Island, for example). Tourists can also make pictures of these marine giants and swim with dolphins (on San Miguel Island specifically). Local oceanologists are much interested in amateur pictures of whale tails, which might speak of a unique behavior of these animals.
  5. Attend tourada!
    Tourada is a Portuguese version of a bullfight, a distinctive feature of which is a prohibition on killing a bull. Every year on August 14th Abiul town gathers visitors to celebrate the birthday of bullfight with a tremendous tourada performance. The purpose of Portuguese bullfight is to make a great performance, but not an outcome, which is why bulls are left alive.
  6. Drink some tea!
    Besides being a dolphin spot, San Miguel Island can also boast of large tea plantations, a pride of local residents. In addition, it is the only place in Europe, where tea is cultivated. Big plantations has covered the hills of the islands since the middle of the 18th century. Goreanna, Portuguese leading producer, has 23 hectares of tea fields, which give 40 tons of a ready-made tea.
  7. Get acquainted with a marine life!
    Besides whale and dolphin watching, travelers have a nice opportunity to watch life of the ocean inhabitants in Lisbon oceanarium, which is the residence of nearly 16 thousand inddividuals of 450 species of birds, fish and mammals. Four aquariums maintain species from the North-Atlantic, the Antarctic, the North-Pacific and the tropics of the Indian Ocean.
  8. Make a feast of seafood!
    Winter is a period of massive seafood gathering, one of the crucial parts of the Portuguese image and economy. The abundance of seafood exquisites cannot but make foreigners visit local restaurants. The national cuisine is full of dishes made of tuna, robolo, sword-fish, octopus, sardine, crabs or mollusks. Portuguese resorts are designed for gourmets.
  9. Go for a walk!
    Levada walks are quite popular activity in Portugal, on Madeira and in Algarve specifically. Levadas are a system of mini-channels, which carry water from rainy northern regions to dry ones on the south. 1400 km of levadas is a nice opportunity to observe miraculous Portuguese landscapes and nature.
  10. Make a pilgrimage to Fátima!
    This is one of the most important European spots of the Catholic pilgrimage, famous for several miracles in 1917. Everything has started when three shepherds visited the Holy Virgin on May 13th. The Saint told them to meet her every 13th day of the month. The news of the miracle has flown fast and on October 13th 70 thousand pilgrims came to Fatima.